Investment Opportunities with CORE

  • $5-50m

    transaction Size

    Retail, Office & Other
  • 2M+



CORE Investment Properties Fund focuses on moderate to significant value value-add Class A/B retail and office assets with a target acquisition size of $5-30M per asset. CORE utilizes team expertise, relationships with key tenants and market participants as well as the selection of top professionals to optimize value for investors. The team’s on the ground presence allows quick identification of opportunities that typical real estate investors are not able to access.

CORE patiently pursues assets under very focused investment guidelines with targeted deals having estimated annual returns of 18%+ IRR with consistent dividends anticipated to be paid quarterly to Fund and LP members. CORE’s investment team puts emphasis on long term, reliable, in-place cash flow at each property with the ability to successfully implement their value add business plan. In addition, CORE is able to offer enhanced returns to CORE investors through a unique capital structure that utilizes limited partner and co-sponsor equity where achievable. This is done in conjunction with utilizing conservative debt in the capital structure to minimize risks while providing improved returns where possible.

Core Investment Properties Fund

Investment Type Open-ended partnership
Investment Min $2M/$500k/$50k (Class A/B/C)
Target Distributions 6-10%+ annual (paid quarterly)
Target Annual Returns 18-22% includes portion of Sponsor promote fees received
Diversification Fund Investments spread across multiple properties; value and income streams are diversified
New Offerings Priority for new equity raises and LP property investments