Core Investment Management

  • $20-50M

    transaction Size

    Target markets - FLORIDA
    Retail, Office & Other
  • 2.5M



CORE seeks to invest in top-tier Florida MSA’s with a focus on neighborhood demographics and long-term growth. CORE’s typical hold period is 10+ years with the goal to provide investors a stable cash yield with upside through moderate value-add with little to no development risk. The risk profile of CORE assets targets stability with the majority of overall yield from in-place operations.

CORE invests private capital via individual investments and via their open ended partnership, Core Investment Properties Fund. CORE investors are primarily high net worth individuals, private equity funds and other aggregated capital
providers. For more information on opportunities, please reach out to CORE at
 [email protected]

Core Investment Properties Fund

Investment Type Open-ended partnership
Investment Min $2M/$500k/$50k (Class A/B/C)
Target Distributions 6-10%+ annual (paid quarterly)
Target Annual Returns 18-22% includes portion of Sponsor promote fees received
Diversification Fund Investments spread across multiple properties; value and income streams are diversified
New Offerings Priority for new equity raises and LP property investments